Shahveer jafry Biography Age wife Net worth

Shahveer jafry Biography Age wife career Cars  Brand and Everything you want to Know About shaveer Jafry

Shahveer jafry Biography topic's

Shahveer Jafry

shahveer jafry is a pakistani youtuber and social media influencer.
he born in islamabad pakistan in 26 November 1993.he has four brother
and sunny jaffry is one of them he is also a famous youtuber.shahveer jafry has 2.94 million subscriber and soon to be 3 million.he also have 2 million follower on instagram his udername is shahveerjay.
he is really famous in educated brown people.he inspired by zaid ali who is also a youtuber and social media star.
he said in his videos that he made a video with his brother's to suprise his father.
and uploaded that to facebook after that all perople showed so much love to his video then he 
decide to make more videos on facebook and he slowly moved to youtube.
he is basically a vlogger but he make his vlogs in funny ways by caractors or some scripted jokes
and people loved it and now he is getting so much love and money too.and all this cracter came from his 
sqad,crew,group of friend which they call wolf crew.wolf crew is a group of fried's who help shaveer and 
shaveer help them to make videos there are rooh naqvi ,pk muawiz,iqra kaynat,Zain Rao ,aniqa and sunny jaffry
they all are cretor they all are having a channel.
his family moved to caanda in his teenage.and nowhe own a house in Milton Ontario Canada.
he studied business markething in canada.shaveer's favourit cricketer and politition is Imran Khan.
and recently he got engaged to Ayesha Baig. his birth sighn is Sagittarius.and he is currenlty 27 years old
and soon to be 28.he also started a podcast channel called honest hour and in thsi podcast his cousin
momina sundas saiyyad is his the co-host of this honest hour podcast he interviewed really big celebs 
on this podcast like Bilal saeed, Ahsan khan, zaid ali,Rahim pardesi,Sham idress,

Shahveer Jafry basic info age,hometown & ETC   :-

full name - shahveer jafry 

age - 27 years
birthplace - islamabad pakistan

home town - islamabad

home town - islamabad

nationality - pakistani,canadian

religion - islam

hght - 5'7 ft /170 cm

marital status - ingaged 

girlfried - no 

wife name - Aisha baig

Mother - mano jaffry

profession - youtuber,social media star.

brand's - sty

car    - Mercedes 

Instagram id - shahveerjay

you tube channel -  Shahveer Jafry

Shaveer Jafry twitter - @shahveerjaay

Shahveer Jafry personal life wife :- 

shaveer jafry don't have any girlfried but he recenthly ingaged to his fiance aaysha baig
he creted vlog on his engament i will leave blog down there you can watch it on his channel 

Shaveer Jafry career :-

Shaveer Jafry career

shaveer jafry is a succesfull youtuber he has around 3 million subscribers on his youtube channel shaveer jafry 
and he just started his clothing brand sty and also he also started a podcast show which is host by shaveer jaffry 
and co-hosted by momina sundas saiyyad.he also studied business marketing 
he also own a mercedes and a house in canada.

Shaveer Jafry Car collection :-

Shaveer Jafry Car

shaveer jafry own a mercedes c300 in black colour if you haven't watch the car vlog watch it now.

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Shaveer Jafry met atif aslam :-

shaveer met Atif Aslam he made a video on that basically atif aslam is featured in shaveer jafry's video
for a song kadi te has bol na permotion and he suprised all of his friend's and mom with atif aslam
their reaction was helerios i personally love that video if haven't wached it just go down click play
and watch the whole video

Shaveer Jafry clothing Brand :-

shaveer jafry own a brand named STY and the brand is going well and earning well too
here's shaveer brand's website link -

FAq's (Frequently Asked Question's) About Shaveer Jafry 

1.Where is Shahveer jafry now?

Shahveer jafry recently moced To Pakistan To do Some Great Thing's He Also establish 
his brand Sty after Moving Pakistan.

2.Why did Shahveer jafry shift to Pakistan?

Shahveer jafry said moving to Pakistan is one Of His Big Dream's.

3.Who is Shahveer jafry getting married to?

Currenthly Shahveer is engaged to Ayesha Beig. and thery Will get Married Soon.

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