Saugat Malla Biografhy Movie Girlfriend details

Everything you want to know about Saugat Malla Biografhy Movie Girlfriend details and much More

Everything you want to know about Saugat Malla Biografhy Movie Girlfriend details and much More

 Saugat Malla Biografhy :-

 Saugat Malla born in Nawalparasi Nepal on 21 June 1976 in Nepal. Saugat Malla is currectly  45 years old .he is mostly called Haku Kale because of his movie caracter name in loot.Saugat Malla is handsome and a great Nepalese film actor and producer.sugat malla has the his best part in Kabaddi 2015 and Fateko Jutta in 2017. his debue movie is Kagbeni in 2008 and he did movie behind his populartiy and Career boom is loot. he is a pupoular because of his diftrent version in movies.

Basic Information :-

Everything you want to know about Saugat Malla Biografhy Movie Girlfriend details and much More

Name - Saugat Malla

Birth Place   - Nawalparasi District, Nepal

Birth Sign   -  GEMINI

Profession - Actor, Producer

Mother - Punya Mata Malla

girlfriend- Shristi Shrestha (Since 2016 – Present)

Height    -   5 feet 7 inches

Eye Color - Black

Hair Color - Black

D.O.B.(Date of Birth) - 9 June 1976

Age           -  44 years AND 11 Month's

Favorite game  -  Hide and seek

Favorite singer -   Gulam Ali

Relationship status - Double

Current Address - Kathmandu, Nepal

School             -     Acting at Aarohan  Gurukul school

Net Worth    -  50 Lakhs - 1 Crore

Income     - 9 Lakh - 15 Lakh Per Movie

Debut Movie - Kagbeni

 Saugat Malla Awards-

Best actor in lead role at kamana Film Award 2072 , DCine Award 2069 for best actor in lead role , National film award 2068 for best actor in lead role.

Saugat Malla life struggle , story and Career :-

Everything you want to know about Saugat Malla Biografhy Movie Girlfriend details and much More

Saugat Malla was interested in acting because of that they went to Aarohan Gurukul (Nepals first drama school) after appearing in many production's like

Oedipus Rex and Agni Ko Katha at Gurukul Theate.and then he got his first film Kagbeni directed by Bhusan Dahal and featuring Deeya Maskey, Nima Rumba and Hanif Mohammed.

ge did servral film's like  K Yo Maya Ho, Soongava: Dance of the Orchids, Badhshala ,Shree 5 Ambare , Utsav , Mukhauta and Sadanga.

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he wasn't that famous like now and in 2015 he got golden chance he got the change in leading role of a romantic-comedy Kabaddi Kabaddi directed by Ram Babu Gurung and featuring Dayahang Rai, Rishma Gurung.

and Priyanka Karki which became one of the highest grossing Nepalese films of whole 2015. after Kabaddi Kabaddi he got really famous and well known in 

nepali cinema.

Then he got a role in Dying Candle in 2016 directed by Naresh Kumar Kc, which he starred alongside Srijana Subba 

Arpan Thapa and Lakpa Singi Tamang, which wasn't strong at the box office.

Then he acted in Fanko in 2016 with Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki and Keki Adhikari, in a role of a bank worker who is kidnapped by thieves.

he also fell in love in this year with Shristi Shrestha.

after that he performed in superhit movie's like Loot 2 directed by such a talented director Nischal Basnet

in this film he acted inverse Priyanka Karki and Kameshwor Chaurasiya.

he film did not do well in the box office not like loot. but audience liked the chemistry between Malla and Priyanka Karki.

Malla has started to appear in romantic films like Jhyanakuti and Mero Paisa Khoi ,

Jhyanakuti was fruitful in the box office yet Mero Paisa Khoi slumped in the wake of contending with another profoundly effective film, Chhakka Panja 2

personal life :- 

Everything you want to know about Saugat Malla Biografhy Movie Girlfriend details and much More

sugat malla has a successful career. and he had many chance to fall in love or be in a relationship but he didn't 

sugat malla was sitting in a interview with and he revealed that he has been in relationship since 2016 

with shristi shrestha and they look great together they had a great chemistry and all the people really appreciate their 

relationship and fans looking forward to their marriage.

and sugat malla's Favorite singer is Gulam Ali.and his mother name is Punya Mata Malla and he is an Actor, Producer.

Sugat Malla Film's List :-

1 Kagbeni

2 Dasdhunga

3 K Yo Maya Ho

4 Highway

5 Loot

6 Soongava: Dance of the Orchids

7 Chhadke

8 Badshala

9 Uma

10 Fitkiree

11 Utsav

12 Shree 5 Ambare

13 Mukhauta

14 Fitkerri

15 Kabaddi Kabaddi

16 Fanko

17 Dying Candle

18 Loot 2

19 Mero Paisa Khoi

20 Jhyanakuti

21 Lappan Chhappan

22 Fateko Jutta

23 Sanrakshan

24 Jai Bhole

25 Fateko Jutta 2

26 Panche Baja

27 Lalpurja

28 Poi Paryo Kale

29 Macha Macha

30 Lappan Chappan 2

31 Teen Jantuu

32 Mantra'

Frequently asked question /people's most asked question about Saugat Malla :-

1. Who is Saugat Malla wife?

Answer - No one, Saugat malla is not married yet

2. Is Saugat Malla married?

Answer - No, Saugat malla is not married yet.But he is in relationship with Shristi Shrestha

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